Supporting the private children’s home „Maria and children“

Supporting the private children’s home „Maria and children“ has been our club’s principal project since 2005. The home is located at Tudulinna in East Virumaa where Maria with her daughter Merike provide a home to more than a dozen children whose parents have been deemed to be unfit to raise them. The children’s number fluctuates as some are adopted, but also new ones arrive.

TIRC bears in mind all of the children on their birthday with a cake, it assists with transportation costs to the summer camp, and it distributes clothes and toys to the children. The children visited Tallinn one weekend, staying overnight with our club members. The visit included a trip to the zoo, Rocca al Mare Open Air Museum, theatre, McDonald’s and Kuldne Notsu restaurants. We have bought the home a semi-industrial strength washing machine and a dryer, music center and a TV set. Every year the club organizes for the children a small Christmas party in Tallinn, where Santa Claus distributes presents to them. The children are asked in advance to write to Santa Claus, telling him what kind of present he or she would like to have and Santa listens.

Our largest project to date is the purchase and installation of a playground in 2007. The home is located on almost two hectares of land and there is no problem with space. Among the items, picked so that activities are provided for children of different age, are three different kinds of swings, a slide, a sandbox, indoor climbing rope, a sandbox and gym ladder.

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