Eesti Rotary klubide annetused Nepali maavärinas kannatanute toetuseks, 2015

Nepali maavärinas kannatanute toetuseks tegid ülekande ERKi kontole järgmised klubid:

Nõmme-Tallinn Rotary Klubi: 250 eurot
Rapla Rotary Klubi: 450 eurot
Tallinn Hansa Rotary Klubi: 750 eurot
Tallinn Rotary Klubi: 63 eurot
Tartu Rotary Klubi: 750 eurot

Antud summa kanti üle Shelterboxide soetamiseks (2263 €), mille abil  saab soetada 3 Shelterboxi.


ning Nepal Earthquake Fund Campaign fondi tegi annetuse:
Tallinn International Rotary Club: 5 000 eurot

“Estonian Consulate helps Palep Village, Ramche VDC in Rasuwa District Continuing with the initiative of providing relief materials to the earthquake victims, the Consulate of the Republic of Estonia in Nepal visited Palep Village in Ramche Village Development Committee (VDC) in Rasuwa District on 16 May 2015. This is the fourth district Estonian Consulate has visited as part of Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund Campaign organized in cooperation of Nepal Environmental Treks & Expedition.

The major problems the villagers are facing currently include lack of adequate food and tents. The Estonian Consulate distributed rice, oil and salt to locals of Ward no. 5 and 6 of Palep village.

Palep in Ramche Village is one of the most affected areas of Nepal Earthquak Disaster 2015. Altogther 19 people have been delcared dead in Palep village whilst one is still missing. Similarly, 7 people have been injured in the earthquake incident and almost all the the houses are destroyed beyond repair. Now, villagers are having to sleep in makeshift tents and cattle sheds put up in open spaces.

The locals belong to Tamang or Bhotia community. Their main profession is agriculture and seasonal tourism jobs. The local community thanked the Estonian Consulate and Nepal Environmental Treks & Expedition for the generous contribution and assistance offered to them in this hour of crisis.”




Large families in need project 2015

Our support for large families in need has benefitted many families over reent years.  2015 is proving to be an exciting year for this project. This year our attention has turned to families in Valgamaa. With the kind hep of a very generous  donation of €9,000 from one of our honourary members, we were able to bring the gift of water to a family who had no running water or bathroom inside their home. This major project included installing the water supply pipe, and building a new bathroom, with toilet and shower.

image408 image4061

A survey of families has recently been undertaken and many urgent needs have been identified. Some families need help building new rooms to their inadequate homes, or essential upgrades to provide water. Others need simple thingss that we take for grnated—such as good shoes for school, or help with activities and sport programmes.  We are so thankful for generous donors who help us. If you would like more information about this project please contact do not hesitte to contact us.


Building a sanitary bathroon for the Sillamäe Youth Fishing Club

This project was funded by the Rotary Club of Ottawa ( and focused upon building a sanitary bathroon for the Sillamäe Youth Fishing Club. This youth club is an after-school activity center and dedicated overnight safe house for children and teens that focuses upon educational as well as outdoor activities that positively contribute to the local community. The club offers activites and support to approximately 100 children with approximately 30 children active on a day-to-day basis.


Rotary student exchange 2013-2014

TIRC has for the first time sponsored and hosted students in the Rotary student exchange programme.  Rotary District 7080 in Canada sponsored Delaney Brogan’s school-year 2013-2014 in Estonia and TIRC sponsored Anna-Liisa Johanson in exchange. All signs are that the students are happy with their respective hosts.


03.06.2014 / Presidendi ketivahetuse tseremoonia

Osalevad Piirkonna 1420 esindajad, Eesti rotariaanid ja nende kaaslased

16:45  Kogunemine Kadrioru kunstimuuseumi lilleaeda
17:00 Liigume Ain Järve juhatusel puude istutamise platsile, seal toimuvad sõnavõtud ja presidentide aurahade üleandmised. Peale seda toimub puude istutamine
17:20   Avasõnad Raivo Hellerma kes räägib Rotary traditsioonidest ja Eesti rotarite ajaloost
17:25 Piirkonna tervitus ja PHF üleandmised
17:35 Klubide 2013/2014 presidendide lühidad sõnavõtud, kus nad oma sõnavõtu lõpus annavad auraha üle uuele presidendile . Tõenäoliselt soovivad ka uued presidendid tänada usalduse eest ja öelda mõned laused. (max 5 minutit klubi kohta )

– Tallinna Rotary Klubi
– Vanalinna Rotary Klubi
– Tallinn International Rotary Club
– Tallinna Nõmme Rotary Klubi
– Tallinn Hansa Rotary Klubi
– Tartu Hansa Rotary Klubi
– Viru Rotary Klubi

18:10 Piirkonna kuberner Birger Stjernberg sõnavõtt
18:20 Puude istutamine ja piknik. Pikniku korvid võtavad osalejad ise kaasa.

Tänusõnad Kadrioru pargi direktor Ain Järvele,

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