Building a sanitary bathroon for the Sillamäe Youth Fishing Club

This project was funded by the Rotary Club of Ottawa ( and focused upon building a sanitary bathroon for the Sillamäe Youth Fishing Club. This youth club is an after-school activity center and dedicated overnight safe house for children and teens that focuses upon educational as well as outdoor activities that positively contribute to the local community. The club offers activites and support to approximately 100 children with approximately 30 children active on a day-to-day basis.


Assistance to Large Tallinn Families in Need in 2011

For the third year in a row, the Club decided to assist large families in need – this time in Tallinn.  Again, the Ottawa Rotary Club made a contribution, as did the Tallinn firm Gildhall, and other private contributors.  Estonia adopted the Euro on January 1, 2011 and this time the budget voted by the members for the project was in Euros – 5000.00.

Again, the Committee members visited the families that had been found with the assistance of the city’s social welfare office.  As a consequence, 10 families purchased footwear and winter clothes for their children (total of 31 children).  The same shoe store that had cooperated with the Club previously, gave a generous discount as did Prisma from whom the clothes were purchased.  Other families were assisted with payments made for either rent, Kindergarten fees, extra-curricular activities, household items (most of them were donated by the Club members, as were a computer and printer).


Aid to Large Families 2010

In 2010, the Ottawa Rotary Club again contributed 20,000.00 EEK toward our Club’s Assistance Large Families project, as did Honorary Rotarians Sven Ottesen and Ellen Lande. Two of our own club members made designated contributions and the rest of the budget consisted of the funds raised at the 2009 and 2010 spring balls. The club voted to focus on Võru County, located in southeastern Estonia, and the Committee members made a two-day fact-finding trip there, visiting 21 families.

At the recommendation of the Committee, the Club paid for 88 pairs of children’s footwear, school supplies for 95 children, four months’ kindergarten fees for 18 children, stipends for five families experiencing extraordinary hardship, beds were puchased for two families, and one child received custom-made orthopedic shoes.

Additionally, organizations in Norway sent to our Club clothes – from infant sizes to adult – in excellent condition for distribution. The Club sent them to the visited families in Võru County, delivered to their homes by DHL.

Knopka (office supplies store) and Suurtüki (shoe store) had already cooperated with the club in the carrying out of the project in Valga County, and they did the same in Võru County, giving the families also a generous discount as they made their purchases in the store.



Aid to Large Families in 2009

The project to assist financially strapped large families was initially set up with funds contributed by the Ottawa Rotary Club and our club. Honorary Rotarians, the Ottesens, added funds to the project as did the American Chamber of Commerce Estonia.

A Committee was formed in July, 2009 and its members made a two-day fact-finding trip to Valga County, one of the more economically depressed areas in Estonia. As a result, the Committee’s recommendation to the Club was to assist seven families in greatest need and it was approved. Assistance was in the form of footwear purchased by the Club for a total of 42 children in these families. In addition, another family consisting of a single unemployed mother with three children was provided with school supplies. In October, two of the Committee members visited two needy large families (total of 14 children) in Rapla County. As a result of this action a third family in the County received assistance, making a total of 17 children being provided with footwear and in the case of one family, an unemployed mother with eight children, potatoes and winter jackets for the two boys were delivered.

The plans are to expand the project into the economically depressed area of south- and northeastern part of the country. Recently the Ottawa Club contributed additional funds and our own Club has designated the proceeds from the Spring Ball 2010 for this project.


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