Piirkonnakonverents “Soome 100 aastat“ toimub 21. oktoobril 2017

Olete oodatud piirkonnakonverentsile „Soome 100 aastat“ ja Governors Ballile, mis korraldatakse laupäeval, 21.10.2017 Marina Congress Centeris (Katajanokanlaituri 6, Helsingi).

Päev algab piirkonnakonverentsiga ja lõpeb pärastlõunal piirkonna ametliku sügiskoosolekuga. Õhtusel Governors Ballil tähistame oma isamaa iseseisvuse juubelit „Soome 100 aastat“ pidustuste tähe all.

Lisainfo ja registeerimine: https://d1420.rotary.fi/?x171124=33239

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Konto number: FI17 1544 3000 0483 01

Saaja: D1420 Piirikonferenssi

17.11.2015 / 4th Grand Ball of the Charity Clubs in Latvia

to the Fourth Latvian Charity Clubs’ Grand Ball
Tuesday, November 17, 2015, at. 18:00

in Riga Latvian Society House, Merķeļa Street 13
Ball motto: Let’s support our “Mother” – Latvian Society House!
Patroness of the Ball – Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga

4 ball

From 17.00 – arriving, entry by presenting Entry Card.

Please bring red and / or white rose for the festive bouquet, which will be laid after midnight at the

Freedom Monument.
18.00 – opening of the Charity Ball – welcome speech and a polonaise.
Ball program – musical performance, dances under the orchestra music, dinner, auction of paintings, lottery, common singing, etc.
24.00 – Festive Speech, greeting Latvia on the 97th birthday, National Anthem, champagne.
00:40 – Solemn night procession to the Freedom Monument.

Amount of donation includes: welcome drink, dance band “Mirage”, a concert, dinner, photographers and festive champagne at midnight.

Dress code: “Black tie” – a tuxedo or dark suit for gentlemen, evening gown for ladies.

Kind request to purchase the Entry cards in advance till 10 November.

If there is no option to buy Entry Card at RLS house there is a possibility to purchase it by money transfer.
Entrance donation – € 45 per person – should be paid to:

Riga RidzeneRotary Club
Registration No.40008012629

Please, indicate in the payment field “target” the following information:
1) Donation for the 17 November charity event;
2) The club’s name (eg., Riga RC);
3) The person’s names or number (eg., 10 persons). Request to start with the coordinator’s name and phone number (eg., Jānis Liepiņš, 23456789, etc.). During the transfer of a number of persons in one installment (eg., more than 10 people), the request on the same date of transfer send a list to the e-mail address: ina.rescevska@yourrun.lv (name, surname and coordinating cell phone number).

Kind request after transfer contact Ina Resčevska (mob. 29208944) to agree about receiving the Entry Cards. Transfer performers not living in Riga will have a possibility to receive Entry Cards on the Ball day in Riga Latvian Society house lobby from 16:45.

From November – the photos of auction paintings and detailed information about the ball will be available on sites:  www.labdaribasballe.lv  and www.rlb.lv

See you all at the Ball!

Ina Resčevska

Chairman of the Steering Committee
Riga Ridzene Rotary Club, mob. 29208944, e-mail address: ina.rescevska@yourrun.lv
Organizers of the Ball – Rotary clubs, Lions, Round Table,  Zonta Clubs, Club 41 and Club 33  in collaboration with the Riga Latvian Society


Coordinator of the Ball – Mara Kokina, mob. 27735662, e-mail address: marko2014@inbox.lv

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