District Conference 19.10.2024


Participation in the conference. We look forward to your participation and contribution to our district conference, “Healthy Society—Health and Well-being,” and to creating a valuable and memorable experience together!

In addition to the selected conference, there are additional opportunities:

If attending the conference with a avec, please tick the following box:

Governor's Gala: On the evening following the conference, there will be a formal Governor's Gala. To register for the gala evening, please tick the box:

If you wish to attend the gala with a avec, please tick both boxes.

District Meeting: On Friday, October 18, there will be a district meeting. Please tick the box:

NB! Authorization from the club president and secretary is required for voting. 18:30-19:30; Location: Lydia Hotel Event Center, Ülikooli 14.

Supporter Ticket: If you wish to contribute to the conference, you can purchase a support ticket. Please tick the following box:

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