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District 1420 is launching its new webpage rotary-year (2018-2019). Regarding to this project district 1420 Communication Committee is planning to introduce Rotary projects which have taken place both in Estonia and Finland. Therefore, we would like to collect information about local Rotary projects. The length of each text should be no more than 1600 characters with spaces. We also need at least one photo from each project, if only possible. The work for building up our D-1420 pages will start after summer in August, so please send us your project description no later then 15 September 2018. After this deadline at first four (4) project from Estonia and two (2) project from Finland shall be added to the district homepage.

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Thank you advance!




Mongolian Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Tuul head out to plant trees as part of the Keep Mongolia Green project in the Choir Eco Park near Choir, Govisumber, Mongolia. Keep Mongolia Green is a five-year project undertaken by Korean and Mongolian Rotarians to counter desertification and erosion caused in part by overgrazing of livestock in Mongolia. To date, it has planted more than 250,000 trees, built infrastructure, and provided training for local farmers. Funding was provided by multiple grants from The Rotary Foundation. 6 July 2008. Appeared in “The Rotarian,” October 2008, page 55.

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