Visit to Shroomwell Biotech (SB)

Shroomwell Biotech (SB)

Shroomwell Biotech (SB) is a mycological competence center next to Tallinn Technical University (Taltech). It is based on a high-tech vertical mushroom farm that has capacity in both laboratory and staff capabilities.

Shroomwell Biotech supports its parent company Shroomwell with scientific and analytical services and conducts applied research in forestry, mycoremediation, health, and nutrition. SB also sells DYI mushroom growing kits and fresh gourmet and medicinal mushrooms such as shitake, pink oyster, lion’s mane mushroom, reishi, and many of others.

SB also produces water-ethanol extracts from medicinal mushrooms and is building a large-scale mushroom substrate production facility. The products are offered in Europe, Persian Gulf States, Asia, and Northern America. SB conducts R&D into different applications, allowing it to export the technology to local markets and quickly scale these green technologies globally. Some of these scalable technologies include the cultivation of mycorrhizal mushrooms such as chanterelle and fertile soil building through the use of fungal mycomats. These technologies have immediate benefits in improving cashflows from natural systems and have wide-ranging positive effects on CO2 sequestration, water retention, soil fertility, and ecosystem enrichment. SB aims to empower the world through mycotechnology that leaves a net positive effect on the ecosystems we share and thrive in.


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