Tour of Ellamaa Power Station building and Motor Sport Museum, and Atla Distillery

Ellamaa Power Station building and Motor Sports Museum, and Atla Distillery

The power station is located in West Estonia, Turba and was built 100 years ago based on a design by the architect Vladovski.

The construction work started at the end of September 1922, and a couple of months later, the station was already producing energy for starting the machinery of the peat industry. The boilers of the station were heated with local fuel peat. In the post-war period (1944-1950), the Ellamaa power station was important in providing Estonia with electricity.

The station terminated its activities on 1 May 1966.
Ellamaa power station has been declared an architectural monument with the Minister of Culture regulation and belongs to the National Register of Cultural Monuments.

Now you can find the Motor Sports Museum MOMU in the former power station building.

It has taken up the rooms of the once-great Ellamaa power plant, and MTÜ Eesti Mootorispordi Ajalugu (NGO Estonian Motor Sport History) has been developing the museum there since 2007.
This building is one of Estonia’s best examples of Jugend-style industrial heritage. The museum has a remarkable collection of vintage cars and motorcycles. This private museum is owned by Mr Arno Sillat, who will host Rotary Delegation personally.

Last but not least, you will visit the Atla distillery on the outskirts of Tallinn.

There they produce perfection matured in oak barrels as they introduce themselves.
During the visit, you will taste some local brews and learn more about distilling. A light lunch will be served in the distillery, as well.

Start from Tallinn 9.30
Tour guide in the bus by Daisy Järva*
10.30 tour in MOMU
13.00 tour in Atla
13.30 degustations of beverages and lunch
Back in Tallinn 16.30

*Estonian Tourism and Travel Companies Union (ETFL) Lifetime Achievement Award for promoting long-term tourism entrepreneurship and cooperation between tourism companies.

Only tours and transfers are 45 EUR
Tours+transfers+degustations+lunch 105 EUR

Please send the order for the tour to the travel agency Fiesta Reisid.